Our School Board

Our School Board

What is the Function of the Dale Christian School Board?

Dale Christian School is a ministry of the Armadale Congregational Church. By law, the existence of a Board of governors, is responsible for the oversight of the school, using public and government funds.  This Board, as it serves the school community, is answerable to the Armadale Congregational Church.

The School Board operates at a governance level which means its responsibility is to:

  • Ensure the strategic values, purpose and vision continue to be supportive of the primary function of the school.
  • This primary function is to offer affordable, quality education within the framework of a Christ-centred biblical world view as we strive to equip our students with skills and strong values that encourage them to pursue excellence in all areas.
  • Appointing the Principal and monitoring the school’s standard of education and care provided to all students.

It is important to understand the School Board does not involve itself with the management responsibilities of the school but rather sets its strategic direction. The day-to-day responsibilities of the school are devolved to the School Principal, his executive team, and staff.

Who are the Members of the School Board?

Board Chair: Mr. Ian Prangnell Dip T

Board Secretary: Mrs Charmaine Lamprecht

Board Treasurer: Mr. Kevin Ryan CPA, BBus

Members: Mr. John Younger, Mr. Daniel Steadman, Mr. Richard Butcher, Mr. Chas Cameron, Mr. Keith Newby Dip T, B.Ed., M.Ed., (Retired School Principal)

School Principal: Mr. Fourie Jordaan Cert IV TAE, Dip T, Higher Dip T

How often does the School Board meet?
The School Board meets on the third Thursday of the month a minimum of ten times in the year.

Contact the Board

Board Secretary

Responsive Resources


Responsive Education Resources



Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiwZQNYlGQI&t=30s

Parent help:

Children’s books: https://www.verywellmind.com/books-for-children-with-adhd-20450


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8hHGIJKf3o&t=174s

Parent help:




Children’s books: https://www.additudemag.com/slideshows/fictional-characters-with-adhd-books-we-love/


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8LRzKegEfl8

Parent help:

Children’s books: https://www.readbrightly.com/childrens-books-about-dyslexia/


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlPFv_EDnvY

Parent help:

Children’s books: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8918253-the-absolute-value-of-mike





Early Childhood

Learning should be fun! The Program is designed to promote sound spiritual, physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of your child in the very important early years.

This is done through a comprehensive program that provides your child with ample opportunities to develop their natural abilities in all areas.

Dale Kindy 2023 Booklist

Dale Pre Primary 2023 Booklist

Primary School 1 – 6

Our Primary program builds on the foundations set in the Early Childhood years.

An emphasis is on students gaining a sound foundation in Numeracy and Literacy, while at the same time developing a love of learning.

A traditional Primary School curriculum is followed, strongly emphasising learning the basics with a Christian emphasis. Close contact with parents is vital part of the primary years.

Dale Year 1 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 2 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 3 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 4 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 5 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 6 2023 Booklist

Responsive Education

Responsive Education adds a new point of view on responding to individual students who are at educational risk, that are just below the benchmark and talented students to create a culture that celebrates diversity and builds on the strengths of each student.

Middle School 7 – 9

All students study a comprehensive program covering the eight learning areas of English, Mathematics, Science, The Arts, Health & Physical Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Languages other than English and Technology and Enterprise.

The students also have the opportunity to partake in specialist subjects including Music, Dance, Special Physical Education, STEM,  Art/Ceramics, Media, Food Science, Specialist Basketball and Textiles. Students are encouraged to experience a range of activities.

Bush Rangers is an after-school, Government funded unit with the emphasis on conservation activities, team work and camping experiences.

Dale Year 7 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 8 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 9 2023 Booklist

Senior School 10 – 12

Year 10 continues in the study of the eight learning areas and specialist subjects, while preparing students for General, ATAR and VET  pathways in Years 11 and 12.

General subjects offered in 2023 include English, Math Essentials, Food Science, Applied Information Technology, History, Integrated Science, Careers & Enterprise, and Material Design & Technology.

ATAR courses for 2023 include English, Math Applications, Math Methods, Physics, Chemistry, Human Biology, Economics, History and Geography.

Selected students are also enrolled in ‘SIDE on-line’ courses to extend the range of courses available.

The ‘ECU Uniprep’ course (otherwise known as a bridging course)  is available on site for eligible Year 12 students.

The following Certificate courses are offered on site for Years 11 and 12:        (a levy of $80.00 per year, per subject, is charged).

CUA20620 – Certificate II in Music with COSAMP (RTO 41549)

CUA30920 – Certificate III in Music with COSAMP (RTO 41549)

SIS30122 – Certificate III in Sport, Aquatics & Recreation IVET (RTO 40548)

UA20220 – Certificate II in Creative Industries with IVET (RTO 40548)

Dale Year 10 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 11 2023 Booklist

Dale Year 12 2023 Booklist


Dale Christian School runs a wide variety of extra-Curricula activities. These programs include:

  • Bushrangers
  • DCS Iron
  • Student Leadership
  • Duke Of Edinburgh
  • Chapel Band
  • Instrumental Music Program

These programs have proved to be very popular with students and we are sure they will continue to be in years to come.

Christian Service

Myanmar / Thailand Service Trip

‘And he said unto them, Go into the entire world, and preach the gospel to every creature’
Mark 16:15

Latest News

Latest News



Dale Christian School welcomes enrolment enquiries at any time throughout the year for entry into our Primary or High school. Our main intake years are Kindergarten and Year 7.

There are some vacancies available for 2023, however some levels are already full.  Please keep in mind it is difficult to advise as to availability due to many reasons.  In order to gain enrolment, it is highly suggested to submit your applications and other requested documents, as soon as possible.  Once all requested details have been received you will receive further updates by email.

Admission is at the discretion of the Principal, following a successful application.

Online Forms

Online application forms are now being accepted.  Click here to be directed to the form.  You will receive a temporary password to gain access and should you need to return to the form you are able to do so.  There is no need to fill all the details in, in one sitting.

Online Application Form

Information and Forms

Enrolment Procedure                   Procedure

Fees and Charges                         2023 Fees & Charges

Application form for Family        Enrolment Application Pack

Application form for Sibling        Sibling Enrolment Application Form

Additional Needs for student     Additional Needs  Supplementary Form


Enquiries can be made online  Electronic Enquiry Online or by emailing  enrolments@dalecs.wa.edu.au  directly.


We are offering Group Tours and Private Tours.  Group tours are specific to school areas, eg, High School, Primary School.  Private tours may be limited due to time constraints.  They can be booked below:

Booking for Group Tours

Booking for Private Tours


For any further information, please email the Enrolments officer on: enrolments@dalecs.wa.edu.au

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